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Apprentice and Engineering Camps

Take your learning experience of computer technology to a deeper level.  A series of sessions designed to take the student on a journey through the world of technology. The journey starts at the basics and progresses to more advanced technologies.  The student has the option to build a new computer that they keep.  Students learn to code and understand the history, current and future trends in technology. 

Associates and Seniors are returning students who go deeper into coding, robotics, and circuitry.  Students who take the Engineering sessions are also eligible to take the Explorer sessions.


Below is information about the Build Camp.  Other camps and classes will be added to the website later in January, 2023.


You can register using the Sign Up link here or from the Register menu item.  Registration ends May 27, 2023.


Summer Build Camp - Build Your Own Computer

Parent and Student Orientation Options - April or May (TBD) - Required for Registration Into Build Camp


*To build a computer a student goes through the "Build Camp".  It is a 4 week course and consists of the 2 Apprentice Classes (Intro to Computer Hardware and Intro to Python Coding) and 2 Engineering Classes (Computer Hardware/Build and Python Coding).  If all are completed successfully the student keeps the computer.

The Apprentice classes introduce the topics and allows the student to determine if they want to continue into the Engineering classes.


*Apprentice - Computer Hardware (ages 12 & up) (REQUIRED for Build Camp)

    options -  1/14/23 - 2/11/23,  2/18/23 - 3/18/23 or 6/5/23 - 6/9/23

    Student has the option to test out of the 1st week of the Engineering Class


*Apprentice - Python Coding (ages 12 & up) (REQUIRED for Build Camp)

    options -  1/14/23 - 2/11/23,   2/18/23 - 3/18/23 or 6/19/23 - 6/23/23

    Student has the option to test out of the 3rd week of the Engineering Class


*Engineering - Computer Hardware (ages 12 & up) - 6/5/23 - 6/9/23

*Engineering - Computer Build and Setup (ages 12 & up) - 6/12/23 - 6/16/23

*Engineering - Python Coding (ages 12 & up) - 6/26/23 - 6/30/23

More to come on other Engineering Programs (Circuitry, Robotics, C++ and Multimedia) that will be offered during the summer.




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